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COVID-19 response
The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone. Many had to reconsider their usual way of life, habits, and values — everything that seemed unshakable until now. The COVID-19 situation has affected us too.
We work in a new way
All roles and functions which can be remotely performed have been transitioned out of our facility to a work-from-home environment. For the rest of our essential team members, a set of internal sanitary measures were organized:

  • We regularly test employees by PCR and give out new masks and gloves
  • We have placed disinfection stations in the offices and industrial premises
  • We prepared an instruction for employees on what to do in case of infection
We always do our best to support and help our colleagues especially during these challenging times.
Eidos Robotics cares
We recognize that it is just not enough to change our way of working — our team is trying to contribute to the fight against the coronavirus infection.
We have developed a complex for dispensing reagents
In April 2020, at the height of the first wave of the pandemic, we were contacted by a manufacturer of test kits for the detection of the coronavirus. To detect coronavirus RNA by PCR, it was necessary to organize automated filling of reagent kits with an accuracy of microliters.

The effectiveness of the coronavirus tests depends on the accuracy of the complex, which makes the requirements for the solution very strict. Avoiding cross-contamination across different types of reagents was also a key requirement of the bottling process. The work on the project was further complicated by the extremely tight deadlines for implementation. We had only a week but managed to succeed

Our complex based on the A12 robot for dispensing reagents has been launched and continues to operate today.
Implemented a machine for RNA isolation
To diagnose coronavirus by PCR, the RNA of the potentially present virus must be first isolated from the patient's sample. This is the most time-consuming procedure in the entire test if done manually.

The machine we have created is capable of isolating RNA from 96 samples in 16 minutes in automatic mode and without the participation of a laboratory assistant. The complex has successfully passed technical tests and is now undergoing clinical trials.