Название мобильного меню
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Computer vision system
We help enterprises identify defects and control product quality using the latest technologies.
Accuracy and sensitivity
Modern industrial cameras can get an image with a resolution far exceeding the capabilities of the human eye. Our system will even see what the quality iinspector does not notice.
Operating speed
Our software takes a fraction of a second to analyze the image from the camera and decide on the rejection of the product. This means that even one camera is able to control a significant amount of products, which will reduce the cost of quality control.
Flexible approach
The use of computer neural networks (CNN) allows our systems to adapt flexibly to the needs of the Customer, and solve a wide variety of tasks that are inaccessible to classical algorithms
Our projects
We developed an industrial installation for visual quality control and rejection of cuffs used as part of PET keg lids 2019. 2019 г.
Developed a computer vision system to control the weld in the production of cartridges for the diagnosis of viral diseases in 2021
2021 г.
2019 г.
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