Robots-manipulators of the Hexapod series produced by Eidos-Robotics have 6 degrees of freedom, do not require special preparation of a basement and can be used for solving a wide class of tasks.

Main applications:

  • Drilling
  • Milling
  • Pruning
  • Glue / sealant putting

Additional applications:

  • Precise positioning of heavy objects
  • Soft materials cutting
  • Laser hardening, engraving
  • and etc

In addition, the Hexapod robot control system is well integrated with computer vision, and there are additional options for increasing accuracy when working with computer vision. This makes it easy to use the robot in adaptive automation, for example, to work with parts with a undetermined or changing location, size, shape.

All electric drive elements of the Hexapod robot are in the upper part, which can be easily isolated from the working area, so that it is possible to safely use the robot when handling explosive substances, as well as working in a liquid.


Х-6.R500.50.3 Х-6.R500.200 Х-6.R300.50
Degrees of freedom 6
Working area diameter1 m
(in Z range 435 mm)
0,6 m
(in Z range 260 mm)
Repeatability 0,05 mm
Accuracy 0,1 mm
Minimal moving step 0,01 mm
Rotation range around the X, Y axes ±30 degress
Rotation range around the Z axis ±50 degress
Carrying capacity 50 kg 200 kg 50 kg
Weight 1700 kg 1750 kg 1400 kg
Maximum overall dimensions (WxHxD) 2900х3200х2800 mm 1800х2300х1800 mm
Maximum power intake 3 KW 6,6 KW 3 KW
Seventh (rotary) axis completion is possible
Computer vision installation is possible
Producer: «Eidos-Robotics» LLC, Kazan