The time has passed when only huge plants could afford an automated production line. With development of technologies, this has become available to small and medium-sized enterprises. A reasonable investment into full automation of in-line production will bring your business to a new level, providing a lot of advantages over manual labor.

Advantages of automatic line over manual production:

  • Elimination of the human factor - your production does not depend on unique talents, the mood of employees and family circumstances
  • Stable product quality and output
  • Flexible performance management - make as many shifts per day as you need right now
  • Scaling business - multiple increase of output volume becomes a purely investment task

Our specialists have experience in development and implementation of production lines in the engineering and food industry. Using our own production base, rich experience and experience of our partners enables us to create flexible and economical solutions.

In automatic lines we use equipment from various manufacturers, such as CNC milling and turning machines, presses, robots, vibro-feeders, induction furnaces, rolling machines, diode lasers, pumps and compressors, etc. All non-standard equipment is developed by the project department and is manufactured on our production base, as well as using an extensive network of partners.

Our specialists will perform the whole complex of works, including your technological process audit, optimization options analysis, equipment and modes selection, line project and control system development, manufacturing, implementation and personnel training.

We will offer various options for implementation so that you can choose the optimal one based on your plans and opportunities, and also we will help with leasing programs and other opportunities to optimize the investment load.